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The No Balance Billing (NBB) is a policy of the government—implemented through
PhilHealth—which ensures that qualified members shall not be charged or be forced to
spend out-of-pocket for services that had been rendered to them in government hospitals
and selected private hospitals that are PhilHealth-accredited.
Qualified members who are covered by NBB are:
* Indigents
* Senior citizens
* Sponsored members and those who are classified under Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps); and
* Kasambahay
The following are the cases covered by NBB:
* All case rates
* Case Type Z benefits
* TB-DOTS package
* Outpatient Malaria Package
* Animal Bite Treatment Package
* Voluntary Surgical Contraception Package
* Outpatient HIV/AIDS Treatment (OHAT) Package
NBB is only applicable in service beds and charity/PhilHealth wards in PhilHealth-
accredited government hospitals and selected private hospitals that have agreements
(MOAs) with PhilHealth.
NBB is being implemented as part of the mandate of the National Health Insurance Act of
2013 (Republic Act 10606).
HOPE and universal health care
HOPE aspires and works for a society where every Filipino is assured of compassionate, safe,
and affordable health care.
This vision is anchored on universal health care or coverage (UHC). UHC, as defined by the
World Health Organization is a health care system through which “everyone, everywhere,
can access essential quality health services without facing financial hardship.”
This is also carried in the Philippine Health Agenda (PHA), captured in All for Health
Towards Health for All rallying statement.
HOPE advances this vision through our collaboration with government and private hospitals,
encouraging them to increase/improve implementation of NBB.


By partnering with us, you are already doing your share in ensuring that UHC (through
programs such as the NBB) is benefiting more people and touching more lives.
If you wish to download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on NBB (in Tagalog), please
go to this link. []


If you want to know more about the governing policies on NBB, please go to our
KNOWLEDGE page [and scroll down to “Policies”].


If you want to know more about the Philippine Health Agenda, please go to this link.